Triodos Business Savings Accounts

There is a range of different types of business savings account available from Triodos Bank, including Business and Charity Accounts, Treasurers Reserve Accounts and Fixed Term Deposits. For more comparisons on business savings account deals from other providers, see the table below:


Business Savings Selection
ProviderAccountRate TermApply
1.50%1 YearMore Info >
1.50% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. No withdrawals.
1.00%6 MonthsMore Info >
1.00% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. No withdrawals.
0.85%Easy AccessMore Info >
0.85% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. Unlimited withdrawals.

Triodos business savings accounts include:

  • Business and Charity Accounts require a minimum deposit of £1000 with interest calculated daily and paid quarterly, these accounts also come with online and telephone banking, and optional notice periods for withdrawals.  (improved interest rates for longer notice periods)
  • Treasurers Reserve Accounts require a deposit of at least £25,000 come with online and telephone banking and also have optional notice periods for withdrawals (variable interest rates with no limit on withdrawals)
  • Fixed Term Deposit Accounts also require a minimum deposit of £25,000 and provide a fixed rate of interest for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months


Triodos Bank is an ethically-focused bank that is based in the Netherlands.  It also has branches in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Spain.

 With a strong ethical background, a business savings account deal from Triodos Bank can not only give you and your business the opportunity to earn interest on your savings. It can also provide you with the assurance that invested capital will go towards some of their various ethically sound projects.