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Unemployment Insurance

Online Unemployment Insurance Quotes

Unemployment insurance could end up being an invaluable investment if you suddenly found yourself out of work due to illness, accident, or redundancy. It could cover a proportion of the cost of the mortgage or rent, household bills, and a number of other expenses.


You can get a quote today to see how much it could cost you to supplement a proportion of your income.


Unemployment insurance is designed to provide a monthly tax-free payment in the event that you lose your job. This will usually continue for 12-24 months, depending on the policy you take out.


Some of the expenses which unemployment insurance could cover include:

  • A share of your mortgage payments or rent
  • Some of your debt repayments such as credit card and loan payments
  • Household bills

If you're thinking about getting unemployment insurance, otherwise known as income protection insurance, you can get an instant online quote today!