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Unfair Credit Card Charges

unfair credit card charges


If so you are probably owed compensation.
Most credit card companies will charge customers for three main things – late payment, exceeded credit limits and returned payment. Have you been charged hundreds or even thousands of pounds by your credit card company? If so, then you have a claim.

When you take out a credit card, you are entering into a contract. If you breach that contract by late payment or exceeding credit limits the credit card company can rightly claim it’s losses. However, the sum must reflect actual costs incurred as opposed to the extortionate charges that are usually made.

Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI, is insurance that will pay out a sum of money to help you continue paying your monthly payments on, credit cards, store cards, catalogue payments, mortgages and loans if you are unable to work. This is normally as a result of sickness, accident or unemployment and due to no fault of your own.

If you have this insurance on any of your credit cards, loans or mortgages then there is a good chance you are due compensation:

We can put you in touch with a specialist claims company who will:

·         Obtain the correct records (evidence)

·         Assess the value of your claim, which will also include statutory interest

·         Communicate with your lender or their nominated Solicitors

·         Negotiate the highest possible amount

·         Assess the reasonableness of any offers made

·         Chase your cheque after the dispute is resolved

Claiming won’t affect your credit rating.
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