Unum’s Personal Income Replacement Plan is designed for people who need to arrange cover throughout their working lives. It provides a regular tax-free income if you are not able to work due to long-term illness or injury. The plan has been awarded a Defaqto* five Star Rating for features and benefits every year since 2005.


As with all insurance we suggest you get quotes from a specialist broker - see our service below:

Long Term Income Protection - Quote Service
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If you are considering income protection UNUM have in their research have found that:

  • Sickness benefit costs Britain £9 billion a year
  • Companies are only required to offer statutory sick pay for 28 weeks
  • 2 million workers currently employed in the UK have had to take six months or more off work during their careers
  • On average, UK workers could survive for just four weeks without full pay
  • 31% of people have had to take a month or more off work at some point in their careers


Short Term Income Protection - Online Quotes
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