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Van Insurance For Convicted Drivers

Van Insurance - With Points and Previous Convictions
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For Van Insurance With Points, Road Traffic Accident Convictions (RTA) and Non RTA offences, Drink Driving Convictions (DR10), Ex Offenders, fill in one simple form and QuoteSearcher does the hard work for you - then you can choose from a range of quotes to find the right deal for you.Get Quotes >

The following are some examples of offences that will dramatically increase the cost of van insurance quotes for convicted drivers:

  • Cases of dangerous or reckless driving
  • Drink or drug related driving offences
  • Speeding offences
  • Running a red light

A poor claims history will usually always mean much greater insurance premiums for drivers, convicted drivers can expect to pay even more for their van insurance. Although convicted drivers will have little choice but to pay these extra fees, there are several insurance firms that may offer relatively competitive rates in the right circumstances.


In order to avoid these dramatic increases, it is strongly recommended that drivers use caution at all times on the road to minimise the risk of a conviction. In many instances, abiding by road traffic laws will go a long way in minimising the cost of van insurance.


It is an unfortunate fact that every year many drivers throughout the UK are convicted of driving related offences which can dramatically increase the cost of their van insurance. Although it is often considerably more expensive, there are several specialist companies that may offer van insurance for convicted drivers. Due to the high level of risk that insurers commonly associate with drivers who have been convicted of an offence, underwriters will pay special attention to the individual record of convicted drivers. It should be remembered that in especially serious circumstances, even specialist insurers may refuse to cover certain drivers with especially bad records.


Although low priced van insurance for convicted drivers can be tough to find, shopping around and comparing van insurance quotes may provide customers with a useful way of narrowing down the best offers. For more information on offers from different providers, please see our van insurance comparisons table below: