Van Insurance For Modified Vehicles

There are several things that can have an effect on the van insurance premiums that you pay, and modifying your van can certainly be one of them. It is worth remembering that many companies will offer reduced rates for applications that are made online. With this in mind, you may wish to take a look at our tables below for some comparisons on van insurance quotes from different providers:

Latest Van Insurance Deals
ProviderReplacement VanMax WeightMulti Van CoverAdditional BenefitsApply
yes3.5 tonnesyesCompare over 30 Van Insurance ProvidersGet Quotes >
yes3.5 tonnesyesFrom £181 per year. Based on 10% of customers from 1st December 2016 – 31 May 2017. Excludes add ons. Underwritten by U K Insurance LimitedGet Quotes >
yes3.5 tonnesyesCompares quotes on your behalf, flexible payment terms, tailor-made coverGet Quotes >

The reason Van insurance for modified vehicles could be more expensive is because insurers may consider the cost of repairing these vehicles to be significantly more expensive. The best way to get around this trend is to make sure you compare van insurance quotes to try to find a deal that is best suited to your needs. We recommend that you use a combination of price comparison sites to get you started and then approach some companies individually.

For something to count as a modification, the van must be fitted with non standard parts in its body, engine or its suspension. While certain kinds of interiors are classed as modifications, some may not.


The rise in premiums you can expect to see as a result of the modifications you have made to your vehicle will depend on the value they add to the vehicle. If the modifications are purely superficial, they may be treated differently by insurance companies, compared with any changes that improve the vehicles performance.  The main thing that insurers will take into consideration is the cost of repairing these modifications.


While these rises in premiums are perhaps unavoidable, there are may companies willing to offer van insurance quotes that are affordable. The key to getting a good deal is to understand the changes you have made and the likely implications in terms of the cost of making repairs.