Van Insurance for Multiple Drivers

While van insurance works on the same general principles as car insurance, there are a number of important differences. The main difference is that cars are used primarily for domestic purposes whereas many vans are used by businesses. Because of this it can be relatively easy to obtain van insurance for multiple drivers - the table on this page provides you with a quick and simple way to get a variety of van insurance quotes:

Latest Van Insurance Deals
ProviderReplacement VanMax WeightMulti Van CoverAdditional BenefitsApply
yes3.5 tonnesyesFrom £181 per year. Based on 10% of customers from 1st December 2016 – 31 May 2017. Excludes add ons. Underwritten by U K Insurance LimitedGet Quotes >

This fact is understood by van insurance companies to mean that vans will sometimes need to be covered more comprehensively than most domestic cars.

All insurance providers will factor in the main task the van is used for when offering you van insurance quotes, especially whether:


  • The van is used for carrying your own goods, or those goods that are essential for you to be able to carry out your job
  • The van is used purely for hobbies and pastimes
  • The van is used to carry other people’s goods on their behalf as part of a paid service

The last point will present the biggest risks to insurance companies. This is because not only will the van insurance have multiple drivers, but it will also have to include protection for third parties from the loss, theft or damage of their goods.

Most insurance companies will offer discounts for multiple drivers insured on the same van. Most companies will ask that a certain number of conditions such as the drivers being over a certain age and having no points on their licenses.

The details of each van insurance quote you get will be different, so you should really give yourself enough room to think carefully what you need from a policy, why you need van insurance for multiple drivers and what extras you will be looking for.

Make sure t o use the table to obtain a few van insurance quotes from different providers so that you know you have considered your options and got the best deal for you.