Van Insurance For Private Use

Insurance companies tend to offer various different types of van insurance to customers based upon their unique circumstances and needs. Van insurance policies for private use are usually required by individuals who own a van for personal or recreational reasons. If you are searching for a suitable policy, comparing van insurance quotes may be a useful way of finding the most competitive offer. For more information, please see our van insurance comparison table below:

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Unlike business owners who may need commercial van insurance, customers who use vans for private reasons will usually require a far less comprehensive type of policy.


Van insurance that is required for private use may be required by customers in order to provide adequate protection in a variety of different circumstances, such as:

  • Domestic and pleasure seeking holidays and activities
  • For short term removals or transportation
  • Commuting and travelling
  • Old van collectors and enthusiasts 

There are several different types of van insurance policies that are offered by providers, and before any agreements are finalised, a particular policy should be carefully considered by customers before any commitments are made.


If for example you own a van that you rarely use, a more comprehensive insurance policy may prove to be unnecessarily expensive. Instead you may wish to consider a short term, or pay as you go private use policy that will provide you with adequate van insurance.


In other cases, you may wish to consider a more long term insurance policy if your vehicle is used more regularly. Although this is more expensive it is worth remembering that van insurance designed for private use is almost always considerably cheaper than the more complex commercial policies that are designed to be highly comprehensive.


In order to find the best van insurance quotes on policies, it is strongly recommended to shop around as much as possible to find the best deal.