Van Insurance For Under 21s

Finding cheap van insurance for under 21s can to be a difficult task, as motor insurance cover for young drivers is typically offered at a noticeably more expensive rate compared with van insurance quotes that are offered to older and more experienced drivers. If you are under 21 and are looking for a quote, feel free to use our van insurance comparisons table below:

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In order to be legally permitted to drive a van, young drivers must be over the age of 18 and will not be legally permitted to drive a van before they reach this age. Although quotes for van insurance may be expensive at this age, the most effective way of reducing the cost of premiums is to drive as safely and to compare van insurance offers from as many providers as possible.


When estimating the cost of their insurance premiums, insurers will typically pay very close attention to the record of the customer in order to assess their chances of making a claim in the future. If for example the customer has been on the road for several years without incident, their insurer will tend to offer them a very reasonable and comparatively cheap van insurance quote based upon their relatively low risk of making a claim.


Under 21s and other inexperienced drivers present a problem for insurers, as due to their relative inexperience, the insurer has very little to base their estimate on other than accident statistics. Because of this, under 21s and other young drivers are always treated with a degree of risk by insurers when analysing the cost of van insurance.


If you are around this age, avoiding making any claims over a period could result in a substantial no claims bonus from many insurers. Something that can go someway to balancing out the extra costs that are commonly associated with van insurance for under 21s.