Van Insurance in the EU

Driving to and around Europe has become a popular way to travel abroad. Transport networks across the EU have improved and are increasingly easier to use today. Check out the table below for a list of providers who will offer you great quotes on van insurance today.

Latest Van Insurance Deals
ProviderReplacement VanMax WeightMulti Van CoverAdditional BenefitsApply
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There are many circumstances in which a van will need to travel around the EU. These include:


  • If you are going on holiday and need a minivan to transport a large number of people
  • If you are moving abroad from the UK
  • If you are borrowing someone else’s van abroad
  • If you are transporting a large amount of items, which could be personal possessions or for business

If you are planning to drive in the EU be sure to check with the road rules and regulations for the country you will be travelling to. It is important that you are compliant and understanding to the differences in road laws so that you are safe.

If you are planning a short trip, you may want to consider short term van insurance with EU cover. This can sometimes be a more appropriate insurance policy, especially if your journey will be a few days or less than a month.

It is crucial that when you travel to an EU country that you take with you:


  • Your valid UK or EU driving license
  • Your van insurance policy
  • Your breakdown cover information

You may also wish to consider taking with you spare light bulbs (as some countries request that you carry these) and a hazard triangle.

If you are thinking about van insurance with EU cover, there are many insurance providers that could offer you very competitive quotes. Above we have named a few to get you started.