Van Insurance to cover Public Liability

A number of different insurance companies will offer van insurance to customers as part of a package that will also cover public liability. This type of van insurance policy is often required by small businesses and individuals working in a variety of different areas.

It is likely that that you will need van insurance to cover public liability if the nature of your work could potentially open you up to a claim of professional negligence or damages.

The following are some examples of employment areas in which this type of policy will prove useful:


  • A courier or postal service handling public property or possessions
  • A tradesman who must provide a minimum level of service and professionalism when working for customers
  • A professional transport or removal service that will be held responsible for other people’s welfare and property

The product comparison tables below make it quick and simple to get a number of van insurance quotes and select the deal that is right for you.

ProviderBuildingsStockPublic LiabilityAdditional BenefitsApply
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If for example a courier driving a van were to become involved in accident that caused other people’s property to become damaged, they will normally expected to reimburse their customers for any financial loss or inconvenience that may have been caused by the incident. In order to address this potential problem, the courier’s insurance provider will usually offer packaged van insurance to cover public liability as well as any damage to their vehicle caused by an accident.

Van insurance that covers public liability is not strictly limited to these areas and is usually required by very commercial businesses as well as smaller ones and individuals. A contracted tradesman working for a larger organisation may for example have both public liability and van insurance included as part of his working agreement with the particular company.

Without some form of public liability cover included as part of an insurance agreement, any persons or organisation that regularly interacts with the public could suffer substantial financial and legal penalties in the event of a dispute or claim being made against them.

Getting different van insurance quotes from a number of providers is as easy as clicking on the links in the table above.