Video Mobile Phones

Amazing advances in technology means it is now possible to get video mobile phones that let you use your phone like a digital video camera. Video mobile phones are now the fastest selling type of phone on the market; people love the convenience of being able to take high-quality video and send it to their friends via video messaging. They also usually come with a still camera feature when you just want to take a picture.

Advantages of video mobile phones include:

  • Capturing favourite moments on video at the touch of a button
  • Being able to send video clips via multi media messaging
  • Having sound with to accompany the video
  • You can download the video to your computer
  • Many tariffs include a certain number of multi media messages as part of your contract, making it free to send them

If you need help deciding between different video mobile phones, then our phone comparison service can help by providing information about tariffs, phones and features.