Yorkshire Bank Business Savings Accounts

Yorkshire Bank is a commercial bank that operates in England and Wales. It was founded over 150 years ago and is currently a subsidiary of National Australia Bank. Yorkshire Bank business savings accounts are not currently available, but we have selected a range of leading deals for you to choose from below:


Business Savings Selection
ProviderAccountRate TermApply
1.50%1 YearMore Info >
1.50% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. No withdrawals.
1.00%6 MonthsMore Info >
1.00% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. No withdrawals.
0.85%Easy AccessMore Info >
0.85% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. Unlimited withdrawals.

Like most banks, Yorkshire Bank offers business saving accounts in two separate categories – instant access accounts and business term deposit accounts. 

The instant bank savings accounts that Yorkshire Bank offers are:


  • Business Cash Management
    There are no penalties for withdrawals and the interest rates are tiered so that you earn more the more your organisation saves.


  • TeleBank Investment Account
    This business savings account deal features interest that accrues daily until a withdrawal is made
    The fixed term business savings account that Yorkshire Bank offers you a guaranteed return on your initial investment and the interest paid upon maturity.

If Yorkshire bank’s business savings account deals are not suited to your business needs, there is a range of different products featured in the comparison table on this page.


In many ways it could be a good move to take out a business savings account from Yorkshire Bank, because most current accounts for businesses do not offer a very substantial rate of interest.

Therefore, if you want the cash surplus from your business to grow so, it will be beneficial to put the money in a business savings account.

The next decision to make is whether you are going to put your money into a Notice or No Notice account. While with a No Notice account you will not be able to withdraw your money until a specified time, you will be likely to get a higher rate of interest than with a Notice account.

If the business savings account deals that Yorkshire Bank is offering do not suit the specific requirements of your business, we have listed some others that may be right for your business.