Young Persons Car Insurance

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Young persons' car insurance can be expensive - for young drivers it can some times feel like you are getting clobbered by car insurance. This is because rates for a young person’s car insurance can start quite high, and it highlights the importance of making sure that you checked all the car insurance quotes you can.

To help you source cost effective car insurance see the latest deals in the table below:

Young Driver Car Insurance Quotes
ProviderCover TermMinimum and Maximum AgeSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
1 - 90 days17 - 22Instant Car Insurance For Learner Drivers. Cover for Learner Drivers up to 90 days. Insurance documents immediately issued.Get Quotes >
12 Months17 to 25Great deals for young and learner drivers - Quotes from specialist brokers to help you find the cheapest dealGet Quotes >
7 days - 5 months17 - 40Immediate online policy for provisional license holders. Get FREE L-plates and Theory Test practice DVD when you take out a policy using code ‘FREEPLATE14’Get Quotes >
12 Months17 - 25Aged 25 or under with a full licence? Get an upfront discount in your first year when you add DrivePlus telematics to your policy. Underwritten by U K Insurance LimitedGet Quotes >
30 to 90 days with the option to renew at any timeFrom age 17Cover from £2.12 per day. Practise in a friend's or family car, protect the owner's No Claims Bonus, instant comprehensive coverGet Quotes >
12 Months17 - 24Save £100's on your car insurance. No curfews, clever black box technology helping you become a lower risk driver, earn your own No Claims DiscountGet Quotes >

The idea of being able to drive, and of car ownership, is for many young drivers the idea of freedom itself. The reason why a young person’s car insurance can be so expensive is that the statistics show an increased likelihood of young drivers being involved in the accidents that lead to car insurance payouts in the first place. This simple fact both explains why the insurance burden can be so high and also why it is so necessary. Perhaps the single most important reason for having car insurance for a young person is the fact that every individual driving on the UK road system must be able to provide a valid insurance policy if asked to do so. If you cannot prove that you are insured if stopped by the police, that newly acquired right to drive could be taken away.

Young person car insurance is designed to provide the insurance holder with cover in the event that they should be involved in, and are liable for, an accident on the road. A young person’s car insurance policy will help deal with the costs of repairs or claims of personal injury made against them. The reason why it is always prudent to study a number of car insurance quotes is that there are a number of important things for a young person to consider. The amount paid as excess will be important should an accident occur, as will any no claims discount that is agreed.