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Zenith Insurance

Zenith Insurance has been providing cover since 1937, in particular offering:

Zenith Motor Insurance

Zenith Motor Insurance is divided into three categories:

  • Third party only – the minimum level of cover required by law to drive in the UK
  • Third party, fire and theft – which includes third party insurance as well as cover for your own vehicle for any damage or loss caused by fire or theft
  • Comprehensive cover – insures you for third party fire and theft and any damage or loss to your own vehicle

In addition, Zenith motor insurance is available to younger drivers, mature drivers aged up to 80 years old and for high performance vehicles valued up to £74,999 when covered comprehensively, £9,999 for Third party fire and theft.

Zenith Motor Insurance is provided for the following vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Taxis
  • Private hire cars
  • Commercial vehicles

Zenith Motor Insurance also has a number of alternative levels of cover and cover accidental damage, windscreens, liability costs and legal fees.