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Is Zurich Connect home insurance right for you?

Zurich Connect offer a range of home insurance options aimed at different types of customers. They provide various levels of buildings cover and contents cover which can be bought separately or as a joint policy, depending on your needs.


Choosing a Zurich Connect home insurance policy

Zurich Connect offer a number of benefits as standard with the home insurance policies. They also have a range of optional extra cover add-ons which allow you to build a policy precisely tailored to your requirements.


Standard features of Zurich Connect home insurance policies include:

  • Buildings cover up to £600,000
  • Contents cover up to £60,000
  • 24 hour claims assistance helpline
  • UK-based customer services call centres
  • Guaranteed repairs by approved tradespeople following a claim
  • Alternative accommodation if your home becomes unlivable following an insured event
  • Cover for accidental breakage to fixed glass, sanitary ware, mirrors and ceramic hobs
  • Cover for accidental damage to audio television, DVD and video game console equipment automatically included


Optional extras

The following optional extras offered by Zurich Connects with their home insurance policies can help you build a more bespoke policy that meets your personal needs.


Personal possessions cover

Can be added to contents cover to extend your protection to personal items taken outside of the home


Legal expenses

Covers legal costs up to £50,000 for you and any family you live with if you are involved in a dispute.


Accidental damage

Provides protection for your home and contents against damage caused by an accident.


Garden cover

Up to £2,500 of cover to protect your garden including loss or damage to your plants and trees, garden ornaments and statues.


Home emergency expenses

Protects your home against emergencies such as burst pipes, boiler breakdown, vermin infestation or repairs to a damaged roof after a storm. Can also cover overnight accommodation costs if your home becomes unsafe or insecure.


Personal accident cover

Provides cover if a family member or friend is injured while in your home.


What type of cover do I need?

The exact kind of home insurance you need will depend on a number of factors. When considering your options, ask yourself the following questions.


Are you a homeowner?

If you are a homeowner and live in the property, you may want to purchase a combined policy which includes both buildings and contents cover. Taking out buildings cover will normally be a condition of your mortgage if you have one.


Are you renting?

If you’re renting then you’ll only need to look at contents cover for your personal possessions as your landlord is responsible for any structural issues. Your landlord will also likely have their own contents insurance to cover furnishings, such as carpets as any furniture that was included with the property.


Do you live in a "specialist" property?

Specialist buildings, such as those with a thatched or flat roof, or listed buildings, may need specialist home insurance. Many providers do offer this option but always check the policy carefully before purchasing if you think this may affect you.