02 Pay As You Go Mobile Phones

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02 pay as you go mobile phones are available in a wide range of different options. Pay as you go means that you do not have to pay a monthly contract fee, but top up your phone using a debit/credit card, top-up voucher/card, direct debit, online or at a cash machine.


Some of the things you may want to consider when looking at 02 pay as you mobile phones are:


  • Whether you want a feature-packed phone or a basic one. They range greatly in price and can be very expensive.
  • What features you want your phone to have, such as camera, MP3 player, internet access, downloads, video camera etc.
  • Whether you want the basic, Talkalot, or Talkalotmore tariffs, which offer extra benefits such as cheaper call time and free minutes, if you top-up by a certain amount each month.


Be sure to consider all your options before deciding which 02 pay as you mobile phone to get. It could save you money to get a contract if you use your phone a great deal because a certain number of minutes and text messages are included and you usually get a free phone as part of the deal.