3 Network

3 Network was launched in March 2003, and has gone on to become of the UK's leading 3G mobile companies. The company offers both phones and network services among their products, and were among the first to construct a video mobile network in the UK.


3 Network offers a variety of different options to mobile customers, with both Pay As You Go (prepay) and contract phones available. Their main focus continues to be on 3G services, with 2G coverage supplied by a business partner. Features include:


  • Music and radio direct to your mobile.
  • Special offers on phones and contracts that reduce costs.
  • Mobile use of Windows applications such as Windows Live Messenger.
  • Hundreds of varieties of handsets, deals, and contracts.


3 Network can be compared to other leading mobile networks using the free comparison system on this site. Information and guides to other aspects of mobile phones are also available.