5.2 million Car Drivers passed through a red light last month

22 August 2011 / by Colm Hebblethwaite

A recent survey on motorists has revealed that drivers are running red lights at a shocking rate of 278 per minute.
Thrill-seeking motorists claim that they drive through red lights for the feeling of excitement, while others run amber lights because they regard them in the same way as the green lights. 4% of drivers admit that they speed through the lights prematurely.

The survey shows that 760,000 (2%) of drivers will risk accelerating through a red light if they believe that there are no vehicles or pedestrians on the road. 5% of motorists will speed off early as they assume that the lights are broken if they have a slight delay.

Director of underwriting for Direct Line Car Insurance Andy Golby highlights the seriousness of playing “Russian Roulette” at the traffic lights by stating that these people are “putting their own and other road-users lives at risk.”

Andy also  comments that those who are found guilty of running a red light will be to blame if there happens to be an accident or collision as a result of this offence. This will most likely lead to higher car insurance premiums as well as points on your driving licence.
Andy advises that you should be aware and cautious of some other motorists on the road who target vehicles approaching traffic lights and roundabouts. There are some drivers who create fake collisions in order to claim money, by breaking suddenly on purpose to force other motorists to drive into them.
Whether you are a driver or a passenger, you should be wary when nearing traffic lights and always drive responsibly. Do not gamble with your safety!

Written by Editorial Team