Abbey Offshore Banking

Compare Gross Interest Offshore Accounts

Abbey offshore banking offers accounts based in Jersey, a long established and well-known offshore location which is free to govern its own domestic affairs, including taxation. From January 2010 Abbey offshore banking has been re-branded as Santander offshore banking.

To find the best deal for you, compare features of Abbey offshore banking with some of the other leading providers on offer with our comparison service:

Features of offshore banking accounts include:

  • No local capital gains tax or wealth tax
  • Interest on offshore accounts is paid gross
  • Tax neutrality – you manage your own tax
  • Savings accounts and current accounts

Offshore banking can benefit you if you:

  • Live or work abroad
  • Spend a lot of time abroad
  • Are a foreign national living in the UK
  • A UK resident interested in offshore banking

Our comparison table is free and easy to use – it can help you to see if Abbey offshore banking is the right option for you by letting you compare its advantages with those of other leading offshore banking providers.