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How do annuities work?

There are a number of different types of annuities, but they all work essentially in the same way. In exchange for a capital sum payable by you to an insurance company, you will receive a regular income, the level of which is determined predominantly by your age at outset, whether you require a level income or one that increases year on year, how long the income is payable for, and current gilt returns.

In addition to this, depending upon the type of annuity chosen, whether you are male or female may have a bearing on the level of income payable to you. Annuities can be payable for your lifetime (as in the case of pension annuities) or for a specified period of time (say, five or ten years) as in the case of non-pension and those annuities used for investment purposes. There is no cash-in value, and on your death the annuity will cease (unless you have chosen a specific alternative option that includes your dependants, such as a joint lifetime annuity)

To help you get the best possible annuity, you need to consider your financial needs both now and in the future. You don’t need to have held a pension with an annuity provider to purchase an annuity from the company - you are legally entitled to use your pension money to buy an annuity from any provider you wish. By shopping around for the best deal, you may be able to improve your retirement income over the long term.

Our annuity team offers an open market annuity service covering impaired, standard and fixed rate annuities - in fact we could get you up to 40% more annuity income. We could get you up to 40% more annual income with our annuity service. Our service will compare leading annuity providers, taking your circumstances into account, to make sure that you really are getting the best annuity deal for you. See the tables below for examples of some of the annuity rates available.


Why choose the Fair Investment Annuity Service?

As well as a free online annuity calculator, we also offer:


  • A no-obligation initial assessment 
  • The potential to get up to 40% more annuity income 
  • Information on smoker and medical annuities 
  • Annuity quotes from leading UK providers 
  • Quotes by email, and pre-populated application forms 
  • Latest information on income options for your tax-free cash 
  • Access to an advisory service, where required

To find out more, and to learn how we can help you, please click on the link at the top of the page to visit out annuity rates calculator and quote service. Once we receive your details, the annuity team will call you to run through some initial questions and provide a provisional quote, which will be confirmed by post or email.

Annuity Quote Services
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YesComparison of leading UK annuity providers. Enhanced annuities available if you have a medical condition. Enhanced rates available for smokers.Up to 40% more incomeGet Quotes >

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