Bad Credit Homeowner Loans

Bad Credit Homeowner Loans

Compare Bad Credit Homeowner Loans in the UK

Flexible Homeowner Loan

Borrow from £25,000

  • Rates from 3.65% APR
  • Term – 3 to 35 Years
  • Loans for any purpose
  • Homeowners with a mortgage

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Homeowner Loans From £25,000
Loans can be taken out for all sorts of purposes including:
  • Home improvements
  • Buy to let purchase
  • School fees
  • A wedding or new car
  • Payment of tax bill
  • Business purposes
  • Bridging loan exit
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Loan Type
Fluent Personal Loan
14.9% APR
Representative (£1,500-£25,000)
Loan Term
1 to 5 Years
£1,000 to £25,000

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Representative Example: The Representative APR is 14.9% (variable).The Representative APR is If you borrow £90,000 over 4 years at a representative 14.9% APR and an annual interest rate of 14.9% (fixed) you would pay £245.80 per month. Total charge for credit will be £2,798.51. Total amount repayable is £11,789.51.

Loan Type
Everyday Loans Personal Loan
93.6% APR
Representative (£1,000-£20,000)
Loan Term
2 to 5 Years
£1,000 to £15,000

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Representative Example:The Representative APR is 93.6%. Based on a loan amount of £3,000 over 24 months at an interest rate of 67.9% p.a. (fixed). Monthly repayment of £231.78. Total amount repayable £5,562.75.

Loan Type
PCP Car Finance
Adverse Credit
Loan Term
60 Months

Get finance for a new car even if you have a poor credit rating or have been refused credit in the past. Drive away a brand new car!

Blip Car Finance

Bad Credit Homeowner Loans

No matter how you have ended up with bad credit, homeowner loans could still be available to you. Some companies specialise in loans for people who are having trouble applying for credit because of events in the past. For many people with bad credit, homeowner loans often appear unattainable or extremely overpriced.

  • Find specific bad credit loan deals
  • Access the lowest interest rates available for your circumstances
  • Apply for multiple quotes online

If you are looking for a bad credit homeowner loan, don’t just accept the first deal you are offered. Shop around and make sure you are getting the best possible quote to fit your exact circumstances.

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Homeowner Loan Representative Example:

The Representative APRC is 5.9%Based on an assumed loan amount of £48,000 (including broker fee of £2,505 & product fee of £495) over 240 months at an interest rate of 5% (varaible). Monthly repayment £316.78 & total repayable £76,027.20.