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Bank charges: £480million to be reclaimed by those in hardship
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Bank charges: £480million to be reclaimed by those in hardship

02 March 2010 / by Rebecca Sargent

People living in hardship and trying to reclaim their bank charges could still claim a collective £480million, has revealed.

The consumer revenge site launched a new bank charges reclaiming guide last week, claiming that those in financial hardship can still claim, even in the light of last November’s Supreme Court decision.

Commenting, Martin Lewis, creator of said: “Rumours of the death of bank charges reclaiming have been greatly exaggerated. Certainly, the number of people who can do it has decreased – it’s now mainly for those people suffering financial hardship. But with current economic conditions, that is sadly still a huge number of people.

“We now believe nearly half a billion pounds more could come back from the banks if people take them on again in the right way – and we’re already hearing of good numbers of successful reclaims since the Supreme Court decision,” he adds.

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