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Fixed rate bonds offer hope for savers

20 February 2009 / by Rebecca Sargent
There is still hope for savers in the form of fixed rate bonds, analysis from has revealed.

According to the personal finance website, the margin between base rate and fixed rate bonds has increased over time, as opposed to decreasing.

Historically, the gap between the base rate and fixed rate bonds has been around 1.75 per cent, but this peaked last month at 3.15 per cent when the base rate was 1.5 per cent and the top fixed rate bond offered 4.65 per cent.

However, those looking for somewhere offering high returns on their savings should hurry, says, as the top rate on fixed rate savings accounts has fallen by 0.75 per cent in the last month.

Commenting, analyst at, Michelle Slade, said: “This may not be good news for those looking to take out a bond, but could be one of the first signs that reliance on short term funding might be easing.”

According to Ms Slade, the recent announcement that inflation fell to three per cent last month means that the real returns savers are receiving is improved; “savers are effectively returning higher real return now than they were last year,” she said, “despite better rates being paid them, as inflation was significantly higher.”

According to, the top fixed rate bond at the moment is the ICICI HiSave fixed rate bond, offering a return of 3.9 per cent for twelve months.

Speaking of the need for savers to act fast, Ms Slade concluded: “In the last week, 55 per cent of savings changes Moneyfacts has received have been on fixed rate products, so savers need to act fast to secure the best rate.”

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