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Post Office re-launches five year savings account

24 April 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
The Post Office has re-launched its five year savings bond which guarantees returns over a five year period and is linked to the FTSE-100.

The Fiveyear Saver, available for the sixth year in a row from the April 28th until June 28th, offers a dual investment system which, because the original deposit is guaranteed, is ideal for people who want to invest but are wary of stock market volatility in the current economic climate.

The account manages savers’ money in two ways. Half of the funds earn a fixed rate of 5.5 per cent for the entire five year term of the account, while the other half earns a 50 per cent return on any increase in the FTSE-100.

Richard Norman, director of savings and investments at the Post Office, said: “With the current volatility of the stock market people are understandably wary about risking their hard-earned savings in direct investments, but they still want their money to be working as hard as it can for them.

“Our five year savings bond provides savers with the security they need now but still gives them the opportunity to make good returns in the future. Post Office Fiveyear Saver is a secure investment which gives customers a guaranteed return, while still offering the growth potential of the FTSE-100 Index.”

A deposit of between £500 and £1million can be used to open the savings account, no further deposits are allowed, and withdrawals cannot be made until the end of the term, upon which the interest is added to the account.

Other Post Office savings accounts are also available.

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