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Saving comes before spending for 42%
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Saving comes before spending for 42%

25 August 2010 / by Rachel Mason

Given £500, most of us would resist the temptation to spend and would instead stash the cash in a savings account.

According to a recent poll by Fair Investment Company, if given a no-strings-attached £500, 42 per cent of us would save the money, while just eight per cent would spend it all.

The firm asked respondents, “If you were given £500, what would you do with the extra cash?”

Forty-two per cent, said they would save it, 40 per cent said they would save some and spend some, but only eight per cent said they would spend it all. The rest said they would pay bills or ‘didn’t know’ what they would do with the money.

Fair Investment Company’s Rachel Mason says although saving it all is “probably the most boring option” it says a lot about the current feeling, where people are very aware of the importance of having savings set aside for emergencies, and in an increasing number of cases, to cover any shortfalls in their day to day expenses.

“A recent survey by Schroder’s revealed that almost a third of UK adults have had to dip into their savings over the past year,” she said, “and it is important when times are tough that you do have a little something put away.”

Even though more people said they would save than spend, a considerable number confessed they would do both; Rachel says this could be simply because people would like to treat themselves a little, but suggested it could also be a response to poor savings rates.

“Many people are thinking ‘if rates are low, what’s the point in saving?'” she said, “which could be why many people said they would not bother saving the whole amount.

“I know we are talking about a fictional £500, but if you actually had £500 to save, there are some really competitive rates available – you just need to shop around and compare deals.

“For example, if you compare savings accounts deals on you can find fixed rate bonds and cash ISAs with rates of more than 4% and instant access savings accounts offering up to 2.75% interest.”

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