Barclaycard to help out holidaymakers

Written by Editorial Team

Barclaycard to help out holidaymakers

26 April 2006

Leading UK credit card operator Barclaycard has introduced a new service to ensure customer credit cards will not be incorrectly rejected when being used overseas.

The company says that, from today, if a customer informs Barclaycard of their intention to travel abroad, the provider will not refer any card transactions for fraud checks during their travels.

This is to prevent a credit card from being incorrectly stopped because the customer cannot be reached, as they are abroad, to verify a transaction that is in fact their own.

“There is nothing more inconvenient than going abroad on holiday and not being able to use your card because it has been declined,” says Martine Warwick, head of card fraud operations at Barclaycard.

“At Barclaycard, we want to ensure that cardholders enjoy a hassle-free holiday,” he continued.

“The service launched today will mean that if a cardholder informs us about their travel plans, we can instruct our systems to process transactions from the cardholder’s travel destination.”

Barclaycard also says that, as part of its ‘hassle-free holiday’ assurance, it will provide emergency card replacement and cash advances anywhere in the world, as well as English-speaking legal assistance wherever you are.

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