Breakdown Cover For Two Cars

Compare breakdown cover for two cars or more

If you own more than one car you may be wondering if it’s possible to insure them all against breakdown under the same policy. You can see a selection of providers in the comparison table below who might be able to offer breakdown cover for two cars or more, and click the link to get quotes:

Multi Vehicle Breakdown Cover Deals
ProviderOnline DiscountCover FeaturesSpecial Offers 
n/aMulti Car Discount Up To 15%.
Prices start from £17.50
Economy cover - 4 call outs per policy term. Up to 1 hour roadside assistance. Recovery to local garage within 25 mile radius.
Multi Car Discount up to 15%Get Quotes >

***Offer is only available to new members of GEM breakdown cover and applies for the first year of membership only. Not available to members amending or renewing an existing policy. Not available to members whose policy has lapsed within the last 4 months. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. GEM Motoring Assist reserves the right to cancel any policies if we discover or suspect the terms of the offer are being abused. GEM Motoring Assist reserves the right to alter, extend or withdraw this offer at any time. Offer valid until 31st March 2016.

Breakdown Cover For Two Cars

When looking at breakdown cover for two cars providers may give the option of choosing between personal cover and vehicle cover:


  • Vehicle cover: This option works by choosing a named vehicle to have breakdown cover, no matter who is driving it. Providers may allow you to insure multiple vehicles under the same policy for an additional fee per vehicle.


  • Personal cover: Personal cover works on an individual basis, so one named person will have breakdown cover for any privately registered car they drive, or in some cases are a passenger of. Some insurers allow you to take out a personal car breakdown policy for up to five individuals under the same policy, providing they all live at the same address.


Levels of cover

Many providers of vehicle breakdown insurance allow you to tailor your policy by selling cover at different levels of comprehensiveness. These levels can vary by name and features between insurer but may include


  • Roadside assistance: Normally the most minimal level of insurance available, usually offers a set amount of free roadside labour from a mobile mechanic, it will also include vehicle recovery to the nearest garage if your vehicle cannot be fixed there and then.


  • Home assistance: Basic roadside assistance packages tend exclude cover breakdown that occur within a close proximity to your home, and do not provide cover if your vehicle simply won’t start when trying to leave your registered home address. To be covered for these instances therefore, policy holders need to have a home assistance package on their policy.


  • National Recovery: If your vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside then having a national recovery package will give you the option of; you, your passengers and vehicle being taken to any single location of your choice in the UK, rather just to the closest garage.


  • Onward Travel: Onward travel packages tend to vary considerable between providers, but are all essentially designed to help policy holders continue their journey even if their vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside. Insurers may therefore be able to offer policy holders things such as; a hire car, alternative transport costs or overnight accommodation.


  • European cover: European cover packages allow you to extend your cover for breakdowns across the rest of Europe. This type of package may even provide cover for costs such as repatriating your vehicle.


Shopping around

Before you take out a policy it is worth shopping around to try and find the best deal for the level of cover you desire, in addition to cost you might want to consider other factors in your decision such as;

  • Average response time of a provider
  • Number of response vehicles a provider has
  • Customer reviews
  • Benefits for members like discounts at other businesses