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54% of broadband complaints left unresolved

05 October 2009 / by Andy Davies

More than half of all broadband users’ complaints are not being successfully resolved, while around a third of unhappy customers do not complain at all to their providers, according to new research.

The findings by suggests 54 per cent of broadband users who do complain do not have their complaints resolved, while 36 per cent of people decide to suffer in silence.

Explaining the reasons for not making any complaints, a third said they thought it would be “too much hassle”, while 23 per cent said they did not have faith in their Internet Service Provider (ISP) to resolve any disputes, and a fifth of users confessed to not knowing how to complain effectively.  

Commenting on these findings, Michael Phillips, product director at, said: “The results indicate that broadband users are disillusioned with the ability to improve their service through making a complaint to their ISP.”

The survey of more than 4,000 broadband users also revealed nearly half of users were unaware that their ISP had a Complaints Code of Practice to help resolve any issues, which Mr Phillips believes shows a “distinct lack of awareness amongst broadband users” to ensure their complaints are taken seriously.

“Since a massive 54 per cent of users felt that their complaints were not successfully resolved, it is clear that more needs to be done to empower consumers and ensure they have the confidence and the know-how to escalate their dispute to a satisfactory conclusion,” he said.

Mr Phillips urged people to take simple steps such as keeping bills in order and asking their ISP to explain their official complaints procedure, to help reduce the hassle of making a complaint.

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