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Broadband connection worth its weight in gold

29 September 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

Broadband users value a reliable internet connection more highly than the cost or speed of their service, according to new research from

More than a third of broadband customers – around 7.6million UK consumers – cited connection reliability as the most important factor, the study of 4,000 users found, followed by value for money and connection speed.

But many broadband customers are having their hopes dashed by the internet service provider, with 47 per cent saying that it has not lived up to the providers’ promises.

When it comes to staying connected, 32 per cent of respondents complained about an unreliable internet connection.

Others were also disappointed by the service they receive from their broadband provider, with 70 per cent saying they were not receiving the connection speed they were expecting, and 36 per cent saying they feel let down by their provider’s customer service.

Commenting on the findings, Michael Phillips, product director of said he finds it “troubling” that nearly half of all broadband users are not receiving the service they expect after nearly a decade since broadband was launched in the UK.

He also said that “It is surprising to see that broadband users valued connection reliability ahead of value for money, customer service and even speed of broadband connection.”

But the most disappointing finding from the study was that 55 per cent of respondents who had lodged a complaint with their ISP did not feel that it reached a successful solution, Mr Philips said.

To get the most out of their broadband, suggests a few damage control hints and tips, such as asking for the provider’s complaionts procedure, telling them in writing that they would like to make an official complaint, keeping a log of all contact including the name of the person they speak to, the date and time of the call.

By following some simple rules, Mr Philips said that “Whilst raising a complaint is never easy, consumers can significantly reduce any hassle and dramatically improve their chances of having their complaint quickly resolved.”

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