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Broadband download limits at risk due to Christmas TV
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Broadband download limits at risk due to Christmas TV

24 December 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

A third of Brits are at risk of exceeding their broadband download limit and incurring a penalty this Christmas. has found that 32 per cent of UK broadband users are intending to increase the amount of TV they watch online over Christmas, which could potentially put them at risk of going over their limit.

Brits no longer have to worry about missing any of the usual collection of programmes and films put on TV during the Christmas period, as they can now catch up online.

But, warns against watching too much TV online without checking the terms of use to ensure they do no exceed their limit, or their ‘fair usage’ policy if they have ‘unlimited’ downloads.

Broadband providers restrict the amount of downloading users can do, and often inflict a penalty if the customer strays outside of their limit, which can come as a shock when their broadband bill arrives. Users can also have their connection speed restricted for exceeding download limits or for downloading at certain times of the day, depending on their terms of their broadband package.

Michael Phillips, product director at, commented: “Anyone planning to catch up on their favourite TV shows using their broadband connection this Christmas should check the terms of their download limit and fair usage policy to ensure they are not in danger of receiving a penalty fine or having their connection speed throttled.

 “The use of online TV services is clearly only going to increase in the future, so it is crucial that consumers understand that even if a broadband package says it is ‘unlimited’ it is still highly likely that it will have some form of fair usage policy attached. Once broadband users have exceeded their download limit or fair usage terms, they will not be able to plead ignorance to avoid the consequences,” he warned.

To avoid any unexpected penalties this Christmas, recommends a few tips for users; consumers should choose the right provider for their needs, download at night where possible because downloading is quicker when traffic is lower, and they should track their usage to ensure they do not exceed their limit.

Mr Phillips added: “With the whole family at home and using online services this Christmas, we strongly urge broadband customers to start monitoring their levels of downloading – otherwise they could end up paying out for more than just presents this festive season.”

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