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If you run a business that provides work mobile phones to staff in order to facility their roles, significant time and revenue may be lost if one of those phones is suddenly taken out of operation. Additionally, a contemporary Smartphone often costs to replace. If you have many members of staff who each have business phones, this could leave you with a large bill to pay in the event that any of your business mobile phones are broken or go missing. Business mobile phone insurance provides financial protection for the damage, loss or stealing of your business mobile handsets and provides you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your company mobile phones won’t be out of action for long. Choosing a supplier of business mobile insurance but isn't a task to undertake without proper research to find the best deal. To assist you in your selection we’ve compiled a simple roundup on what to look for in an insurance policy – Use the table below to help you fine best business mobile phone insurance deals:

Compare Mobile Phone Insurance
ProviderMax CoverStandard ExcessWorldwide CoverMonthly Costs From:Additional BenefitsApply
£775£25yes£3.99Accidental Damage; Liquid Damage; Mechanical Breakdown; Immediate CoverApply Now >

What can be covered by business mobile phone insurance?

The cover that's on the market from business mobile phonei nsurance suppliers will usually include:

  • Accidental damage - A replacement phone is provided in the event that you damage your phone or your existing phone is repaired.
  • Water damage - Replacement of a water damaged phone
  • Loss - A replacement phone is provided in the event that yours is lost.
  • Theft - Replacement of a phone taken from a secured place such as an office building or a vehicle.
  • Fraudulent network charges  - If your phone is taken and a large phone bill run up before you realise it’s missing, you don’t want to be accountable for covering the cost
  • International cover