Car Insurance For Women

Car Insurance For Women

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Car Insurance for Women

The days when women’s car insurance premiums would be lower relative to male drivers are due to come to an end in 2012.

In December of that year, a European Court of Justice ruling on the illegitimacy of differentiating insurance policies and premiums based on gender will come into effect. This ruling will mean across the board price rises for women drivers, but there is still time to survey car insurance quotes and find the best deals.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ car insurance policy as different people will need different things. This is why it is always recommended to use the comparison tables below or to directly contact a number of different providers of women’s car insurance.

It may be that a person wants to be able to accrue the discount they receive due to having made no claims or they may require their cover to extend to Europe as they travel regularly.

Whatever the specific requirements of a particular women’s car insurance policy, there are a few central details that must be considered.

The type of women’s car insurance  

  • Third party cover will provide for third party injury or damage to their property
  • Fully comprehensive car insurance offers third party protection as well damage to the holders car

Every car insurance policy will include some from of excess requirements. Excess is the amount owed for making a claim, with some people opting to pay more in return for lower premiums.

Online women’s car insurance

Not only can various car insurance quotes be checked and compared online, many companies also offer discounts to people who sign up online. This is due to the reduced cost to the company and is therefore quite a smart way of obtaining women’s car insurance.