Car Insurance for Young Male Drivers

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It may seem that car insurance for young male drivers is disproportionately high in their first year of driving when compared to other drivers, but this high cost is there for a reason.

The reason is fairly simple; young male drivers account for the largest number of road accidents resulting in serious injury and deaths. This means that car insurance companies pay more with regards to young male drivers and therefore charge them more.
The good news is that the prices paid by young male drivers for car insurance will drop in quite a large fashion in the second year of driving if the driver has not been involved in an accident.

Use the table below to get quotes:

Young Driver Car Insurance Quotes
ProviderCover TermMinimum and Maximum AgeSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
1 - 90 days17 - 22Instant Car Insurance For Learner Drivers. Cover for Learner Drivers up to 90 days. Insurance documents immediately issued.Get Quotes >
12 Months17 to 25Great deals for young and learner drivers - Quotes from specialist brokers to help you find the cheapest dealGet Quotes >
7 days - 5 months17 - 40Immediate online policy for provisional license holders. Get FREE L-plates and Theory Test practice DVD when you take out a policy using code ‘FREEPLATE14’Get Quotes >
12 Months17 - 25Aged 25 or under with a full licence? Get an upfront discount in your first year when you add DrivePlus telematics to your policy. Underwritten by U K Insurance LimitedGet Quotes >
30 to 90 days17 - 34Practise in your family car with Marmalade’s Learner Driver Insurance. Marmalade Learner Insurance is a comprehensive policy, enabling learner drivers to practise in a family or friend's car, without risking the No Claims Discount of the vehicle owner. See Marmalade website for full details. Get Quotes >
12 Months17 - 27Marmalade’s unique Named Young Driver Insurance gives you the freedom to drive your parents’ car with your own fully comprehensive policy – without risking their No Claims Discount! Fully comprehensive cover, start earning your own No Claims Discount, no risk to the owner’s No Claims Discount, select cover for up to 5000 miles per year, cover is available on most cars worth at least £2,000 and up to insurance group 26. See Marmalade website for full details. Get Quotes >
12 Months17 - 24Affordable Black box insurance for young drivers with no curfews! Young drivers can drive without any curfews or restrictions. Start earning your own no claims discount with Marmalade's black box policy, covering both full licence holders and provisional drivers. See Marmalade website for full details. Get Quotes >

There are two main types of car insurance policies that are available and it is always valuable to take the time needed to evaluate each one properly.

Third party Insurance is the minimum that is required for a person to legally drive in the roads in the UK. By virtue of the fact that it is the cheaper option it is the most common choice for car insurance for young male drivers.
This insurance provides assistance if there has been damage to another person’s property or they have suffered a personal injury if some kind.  Third party fire and theft insurance will add cover for fire damage and vehicle theft.

Fully comprehensive car insurance is more expensive then third party insurance but it provides the widest range of cover. This type of car insurance will provide the cover of third party insurance but with added insurance for damage to the holder’s car itself and the cost of repair.

Whichever of these policies our young driver decides to take out, it is important that they look at a number of different car insurance quotes.  If the driver gets through their first year without being involved in an accident they will be able to take out a 2nd year driving with no claims and see their payments plummet.