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Charity credit cards offer way to donate during recession

23 November 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

The recession has seen a decrease in the number of Brits giving to charity, but there are ways of giving that will not leave them out of pocket, such as charity credit cards, has said.

While more than half of UK adults have continued to donate to charity throughout the recession, charitable giving has fallen to £9.9billion in 2008/2009, down £1.3billion on 2007/2008 figures. advises that there are a number of options available to those who with to donate, and that consumers should choose the best way for them.

One of the ways is choosing a charity credit card, which makes contributions to the chosen charity each time the card is used, in addition to a lump sum made the first time the card is used.

Charity credit cards are available through a number of providers, for a range of charities, so there is wide choice of causes for charitable consumers to choose from.

But charity credit cards vary in how much is donated to the charity, moneysupermarket warns, so consumers should be savvy about they way they give. For example, the initial donation upon the first use of the credit card can range from £10 to £50; the percentage of purchases which is donated also varies from one card to another.

Using a cashback credit card also offers a way of donating to charity, and could generate more money than a charity credit card, so consumers should compare deals before deciding which one to go for, the comparison website says.

Some cashback credit cards generate higher rewards than a charity credit card, for instance, which can then be donated to a charity of the cardholders choice, or a range of different charities instead of donations being tied to the same one.

Peter Harrison, credit card expert at, said: “Charitable credit cards are an easy way of supporting a worthy cause, as all you have to do is use your card in the normal way.

He added that “Although rates are competitive, the return to charities can be much smaller than alternative methods of raising funds,” so consumers should shop around.

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