Company Trade Insurance

Company trade insurance is a general term for insurance that covers businesses against liability and loss. Businesses insured can include:

  • shops
  • takeaways
  • hotels
  • car dealers
  • tradesman
  • offices

Each business is likely to need insurance that is specifically tailored to their area, with different types of business providing different services to different people. Company trade insurance can either cover assets, in the manner of private insurance, or liability to employees, the public and its customers. Many professions and businesses, such as lawyers or leisure centres, are required by law to have liability insurance of various types.

See the table below for some of the latest business insurance deals from leading UK providers and get quotes to find the best company trade insurance for you:

ProviderPublic Liability QuotesEmployer Liability QuotesProfessional Indemnity QuotesSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
Standard Cover Up to £10mStandard Cover Up to £10mStandard Cover Up to £2mMultiple Quotes from leading UK PII Insurers using one simple form.Get Quotes >
Standard cover up to £10mStandard cover up to £10mStandard cover up to £5mWhatever the business we have it covered. Fast quotes and competitive prices as we compare prices from a range of UK underwriters. Get Quotes >