Compare Contents Insurance For Jewellery

For a lot of people it is the sentimental value of jewellery that makes it precious, and having to replace it because it has been lost or stolen can be difficult. When obtaining different contents insurance quotes, it is worth bearing in mind that, in insurance terminology, jewellery is both a high risk and high value item. This means that it has an increased risk of being taken if someone does break in, and that it will cost more to insure it, due to its high value.


Use the tables below to find the best contents insurance for jewellery that meets your requirements. Find a specialist provider for high value contents insurance, compare quotes from across the market, and see our choice of the latest deals.


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Most of the standard home insurance policies that are offered will have a limit on the amount they are willing to insure a single object for. Some people can get caught out by agreeing to a policy that doesn’t actually provide the level of cover they need.


Some insurers will insist on a number of security measures being implemented before they will give serious thought to your application for contents insurance for your jewellery.


Installing an up to date security system can involve:

  • Burglar alarms
  • Strong locks for both windows and doors
  • Security lighting in the garden and driveway
  • A safe for the actual item itself


When getting a contents insurance quote for jewellery from a company, it is vital the items are explained in detail and properly evaluated.

This will mean that you are not:


  • Under-insured, meaning any payments will not cover the cost of the item
  • Over-insured, meaning you are not left paying higher premiums than you need to