Corporate Medical Insurance

Compare Corporate Medical Insurance Plans

Compare Corporate Medical Insurance Plans
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Corporate Medical Insurance Plans

If you are an employee working for a corporation you may be entitled to medical insurance as part of the benefits that come with your job.

There are three main types of corporate medical insurance:


  • Corporate medical insurance included as part of the individual’s salary and covers all employees who work for an organisation.
  • Medical insurance that is partly given by the company and it is up to the individual employee whether they want to pay the remaining sum.
  • Medical insurance can also be purchased by employees of a company at a reduced rate because of the large volume of medical insurance policies purchased by the company.

If you work for, or run, a corporate organisation that requires medical insurance, you should either take a look at the table below or click on the link in the top right corner of this page.

There are many benefits of corporate medical insurance for both the employee and the employer some being:


  • Medical insurance provides quick and easy access to private medical centres that specialise in particular areas, allowing employees to receive a quick and accurate diagnosis and promptly return to work
  • Private medical centres usually provide a private room with telephone, television, bathroom and choice of food on a menu.
    Absenteeism is reduced in the workplace and the health and positivity of staff and employees is ensured
  • Medical Insurance as part of a benefit scheme in a job attracts new employees with relevant skills and credentials while retaining older more experienced employees
  • Access to the latest technology and treatments offered on the NHS

It is important to be aware of the benefits that come with purchasing a medical insurance plan. If medical insurance is included in your salary package or the option is available for you to purchase at a reduced rate, it is advisable to purchase a plan that meets your personal needs.

Your employer should provide a medical insurance quote on an individual basis for the company’s employees. This medical insurance quote should reflect the company policy on medical insurance whilst considering the needs of the individual.