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AmEx RED could boost Brits charity aid

07 April 2006
Charity-conscious British consumers are being encouraged to rethink their credit card choice, which could mean more money going to good causes every year.

American Express claims that if Brits were to switch their credit spending across to their new RED card, the average charity contribution would jump by 43 per cent per person.

On average, British shoppers donate around £200 each to charity every year but according to American Express this could rise by £86 when taking out the card.

For every £1 spent on the RED card, American Express will donate at least one per cent of the total amount to the Global Fund to support HIV and AIDS programmes in Africa.

American Express spokesperson Deepa Bose said: “Simply by using the American Express RED card every time you spend, money will make its way to HIV and AIDS programmes in Africa.

“The card is a great way for ‘conscience consumers’ to make the money they spend on a daily basis really count,” she added.

The fee-free card’s APR is 12.9 per cent with a balance transfer rate of 5.9 per cent for balances transferred within the first six months.

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