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APACS: Consumer trust of internet growing

03 August 2006
Despite worrying figures suggesting that card fraud costs Britons £1.2 million every day, consumers trust the internet for card purchases more and more, says APACS.

Card-not-present fraud is the largest type of fraud in Britain today and cost £183.2 million last year but nevertheless Simon Bennett, a spokesperson for APACS, says that customers in the UK continue to gravitate towards new technology and retail habits.

“People trust the internet more than they did five years ago,” Mr Bennett said. “We are a little bit more computer savvy now.

“We know what we want and we know where we like to shop and we know who we trust. I think people are more worried about other uses of the internet at the moment.”

Statistics suggest that card-not-present fraud rates are falling – dropping from 24 per cent last year to 21 per cent this year as a proportion of the total amount of UK fraud – but retail customers on the internet continue to be reminded of the need for vigilance when shopping online with their plastic.

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