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APACS gives plastic pointers for students

19 September 2006
The UK payments association APACS has published a specialist guide aimed at Britain’s student population to give them advice on using credit cards.

For many university entrants, credit card use is a relatively new concept and when they go off to college to study will be the first time they will be financially independent.

The guide will include tips for safe borrowing and how to ensure you practise good financial management and it will also include various hints and advice on protecting against fraud and the risks involved if you don’t.

“This advice guide is designed as a quick and easy checklist for students,” said Sandra Quinn, director of communications at APACS.

“It provides information they need to make informed decisions about their personal finances and clearly explains the various card payment options available to them.”

According to statistics from APACS, nearly a quarter of all 18 to 24 year olds hold a credit card, meaning a substantial number of young people are open to the risks of irresponsible borrowing on a “flexible friend”.

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