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Barclaycard SkyCard extends 0% deal

16 December 2005
SkyCard, Barclaycard’s interactive TV credit card that hooks up to a Sky box, has extended its zero per cent deal on purchases and transfers over Christmas.

Barclaycard believes the deal will be particularly useful for shoppers over the festive season.

The card is like any other credit card except users can manage their finances via their TV by slotting the card into their Sky box.

Barclaycard says the offer shows zero per cent deals are still going strong.

Mark Duckworth, general manager at SkyCard, said: “Predictions of the end of zero per cent deals are premature. This new offer is the longest zero per cent deal on purchases currently available.

“Customers can take care of their Christmas finances with this balance transfer and look forward to a whole year of interest free shopping with the latest deal from SkyCard.”

The interactive TV credit cards also has other benefits. It allows customers to collect SkyPoints for every £1 they spend for their credit card and can be exchanged for rewards such as special Sky offers, money off bills and exclusive trips.

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