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‘Card not present’ fraud on the increase

18 February 2005
A report by anti-fraud organisation Retail Decisions claims that there has been a 20 per cent increase in ‘card not present’ fraud attempts since the introduction of chip and pin technology last year.

The report’s findings has led to calls for consumers to be more vigilant about how they keep and use their personal details.

Speaking on BBC Radio Four’s You and Yours programme, Gemma Smith, a spokeswoman for the Association of Payment Clearing Services, urged people to get more savvy about their private information.

“The main way this type of fraud happens is not about your card being intercepted online. It is about people stealing your details in the real world,” Ms Smith said.

“You should make sure you do not disclose your details, make sure you are confident that you are dealing with a bona fide business. Again and again we are hearing of people trying to dupe you out of details over the internet or the phone.”

Carl Clump, chief executive of Retail Decisions, speaking on the same programme, added: “The beauty of the ‘card not present’ environment is that it is an anonymous environment for fraudsters. They are not actually seen by anyone.”

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