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Chip and PIN website launched

15 March 2004
MasterCard has launched a new website advising cardholders on new chip and PIN technology as part of the UK-wide advertising campaign which begins today.

Chip and PIN technology – where consumers type in a PIN number rather than sign their names – has been undergoing trials since May last year.

Advice on MasterCard’s site is aimed at cardholders with concerns during the change from the old-style cards to the new technology.

Paul Lucraft, general manager business services Northern Europe said; “The roll out of the chip and PIN advertising campaign across the UK will help to raise awareness of the program and its benefits.

“MasterCard appreciates that some cardholders might have questions about when and how to use their new chip and PIN cards and we hope that the information on the website will help to make the transition to chip and PIN as easy as possible.”

A number of areas are covered on the new site such as pin changing procedures, overseas use, protecting the pin, action to take on receiving the new card and what will happen if the wrong pin number is used.

A study by MasterCard showed that three quarters of UK consumers feel the chip and pin cards will make card payments safer.

Written by Editorial Team