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Consumers ignore credit card interest rates

15 November 2004
A new survey has found that UK consumers look more at what image a credit card gives off than the interest rates they will have to pay when borrowing on the card.

14 per cent of people asked said that they were swayed by marketing and advertising in their choice of credit card, 15 per cent said their choice was based on “stylish” design, and 16 per cent of people said brand image was decisive when choosing between options.

“We actually appear to be a nation of ‘style tarts’ rather than ‘rate tarts’ when it comes to credit cards,” said Paul Schofield, head of personal finance at

“However, we urge consumers to ensure that they consider all areas when choosing a credit card.”

“While our results reveal that consumers are swayed by image and advertising, APR is probably of paramount importance,” he added.

“The credit card sector can be incredibly complex, but one way to make sense of it all is to use a facility such as an online comparison site which enables you to compare all the products.”

A mere ten per cent of people questioned said that a low APR was the reason behind their choice of card, while eight per cent said they were influenced by the fact they were offered a long 0 per cent introductory period.

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