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Consumers ‘quick to bash banks’ over bad credit

29 April 2006
Online comparison site has criticised some consumers who blame credit card companies for ‘forcing’ them into racking up debt.

Banks and other credit card companies are being blamed by some consumers groups for not making their lending rates clear enough, or for not warning customers that paying back the minimum amount on their card each time is a costly way to use credit.

Nick White, head of personal finance at, says that there is only so much lenders can do and that eventually people would have to take some responsibility.

“We are all a bit quick to bash credit card companies,” he said. “[They] do not force you to only pay back the minimum amount; it is up to you to decide.”

“In reality consumers have to take some responsibility as well for managing their finances,” Mr White added.

Despite criticism that banks make the minimum of payment on credit cards low in order to boost interest charges for people who maintain a level of debt on their cards, uSwitch rejects this.

They say that it is the consumer who carries and uses the card and so they are the ones who must manage it properly.

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