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Co-operative Bank are ‘Friends of the Earth’ with new Affinity credit card

06 February 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
The Co-operative bank is further securing its position and one of Britain’s best-known ethical banks with the launch of its new affinity credit card with Friends of the Earth.

Each time a new affinity Co-op credit card account is opened, The Co-op will donate £15 to environmental charity Friends of the Earth, a further £2.50 when the card is used in the following six months, and 25p for every £100 spent or transferred to the card.

The credit card itself is also ecologically friendly, because it is made from PETG – a plastic that has virtually eliminated chlorine and other toxic chemicals found in most standard PVC credit cards.

The money donated will help Friends of the Earth to make the environment a better place for everyone to live by inspiring solutions to problems facing the environment and campaigning on the issues that are affecting the planet, including climate change, biodiversity and resources.

This does not mark the first occasion that The Co-operative has joined forces with Friends of the Earth. They worked together on the Co-op’s ‘Combating Climate Change’ initiative, and ‘The Big Ask’ – Friends of the Earth’s climate campaign which saw more than 22,000 of the bank’s customers lobby their MPs for annual targets to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

The two have also combined their efforts to produce a national advertising campaign to promote solutions to climate change, and commissioned two research projects, which illustrated how the right Government policies can have a dramatic effect on the level of Co2 emissions, influencing the Government to introduce a Climate Change Bill.

“Friends of the Earth’s new affinity credit card with The Co-operative Bank offers a hassle-free way for people to support us.” said Tony Juniper, Friends of the Earth Executive Director.

“Friends of the Earth can do business with The Co-operative Bank because it has a strong ethical policy, refusing to support businesses contributing to climate change.”

The Co-operative Bank remains the only high street bank to have an Ethical Policy led by its customers, which has been in place since 1992 and which the bank uses to determine whether or not it will do business with a particular company, based upon how they measure up on issues such as human rights, animal welfare, the arms trade and their ecological impact.

Carol Karaca, Partnership Manager from The Co-operative Bank, commented: “As an ethical provider it is fantastic to have leading environmental charity Friends of the Earth on board and we look forward to continuing to work with them.”

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