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Costly kids causing summer credit headaches

11 August 2006
The cost of taking children on holiday is causing parents a credit headache, according to research from NatWest Travel Money Services.

A typical family with two children can expect to shell out around £1,850 to take their children away on a summer break, when all costs are taken into account.

Parents often find themselves relying on credit card transactions when away on holiday, meaning they do not discover the true cost of the break until they return home to view their bills, a method of spending that is convenient but has a certain element of risk to it.

Robin Cockburn, the head of NatWest Travel Money, says that parents can cut costs by ordering foreign currency before going abroad but that holidays were also a time for spending in a way parents do not when at home.

“With 68 per cent of parents admitting to giving in to their kids requests to treats more easily when on holiday, it seems they aren’t really helping themselves in keeping down the costs of their trip abroad,” he said.

“Many NatWest customers already cut the costs of their holiday by ordering their currency through us commission free, either online or over the phone,” he added.

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