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Credit card customers wide awake to being charged

14 March 2007
Almost three in four credit card holders will up sticks and leave their card providers if ‘inactivity’ fees are introduced on dormant cards, has found.

Although only Lloyds TSB has introduced such a fee to date, murmurings about an end to free banking as overdraft charges come under investigation could lead banks to seek alternative revenue streams, according to some commentators.

But the growth in consumer activism over bank charges would embolden credit card holders if fees were introduced for failing to use cards, the survey suggests.

“The revolt against existing charges applied to other products within a typical financial portfolio is apparent enough, but as credit card providers plan to introduce new fees, it’s clear how people plan to respond,”’s head of credit cards, Rob Kenley, commented.

The minor administration costs incurred by lenders for keeping on customers with dormant accounts may be secondary to the wish to encourage customers to begin spending again by imposing charges, Mr Kenley added.

If this is the aim, the scheme is unlikely to succeed as only one per cent of cardholders said they would remain with their existing provider and begin spending again.

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