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Credit cards can reward shoppers, says

Credit cards can reward shoppers, says

27 June 2010 / by Lois Avery

Credit card reward schemes can offer consumers something for nothing despite the tough financial climate, according to

The comparison website has found that by doing day to day shopping on a credit card, customers could earn some impressive rewards, including free flights and shopping vouchers.

Based on an average household spend of £386.30 per week on a reward credit card, and by paying off the balance in full each month, a canny credit card shopper could benefit from some of these rewards within a year.

Some cards offer air miles as a reward, while others allow you to claim shopping vouchers or cash back if you spend over a certain amount.

Joanna Garcia, head of credit cards at said: “Using a reward based credit card can be a great way to earn incentives like cash back, flights and shopping vouchers.  Our findings show that it is still possible to get something for nothing and that savvy shoppers really can be rewarded for using a credit card, with incentives that all the family can benefit from.

But she also warns that these schemes should only be used if the balance can be repaid monthly.

“Customers who are able to pay off their balance in full each month are likely to benefit the most from a reward card, otherwise the benefits could be outweighed by interest charges.  For customers who find it harder to do this, a zero percent purchase card may offer a more suitable and beneficial proposition.”

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